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Training and Coaching - quality assurance

Education and qualification contribute not only to a higher level of satisfaction of our collegues. Well-qualified collegues can be applied on a great number of working places. So your company achieves at the end a higher degree of flexibility.

At our courses your industrial employees, as well as our own workers learn the way of working with new systems in order to maintain the latest technical level. We have developed appropriate education concepts that are realised in our training and education centre.

Within the framework of it, the following courses are offered to workers:

  • Surface rework (car body outer skins) (exhibition/media)
  • Paint defect repairer (exhibition/media)
  • Raw construction repairer (exhibition/media) & welding MQB AGT's
  • Car body painter (TEFLA) & (Spot Repair) (exhibition/media)
  • Doors & roof adjuster (fair press)
  • Trimming works
  • Robotics
  • Manual application


We are happily waiting for your enquiry in this field.